Spikey Ball exercises



SPIKEY BALLS are a great and simple way to effectively treat trigger points within the musculoskeletal system. It can help decrease tension in your muscles, increase blood flow and improve flexibility of your joints. When used correctly it will improve your body’s ability to become more aware and help you assist in prevention of injuries.


To use a spikey ball simply;
1: Place the spikey ball over the specified region you wish to treat. You may do this by gently sitting on the ball, leaning on the ball against the wall or directly placing it on top of specified region
2: Now slowly apply pressure on the ball with your hand or body part
3: Add movements such as forward/backward rolling, upward/downward rolling or perform circles
4: You may continue doing this for up to 60 seconds (providing you are NOT experiencing pain) and repeat if desired
5: Ensure that you are comfortably breathing whilst performing this exercise

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