Welcome to Casey Central Osteopathy. We value our patients and their healthcare, our highly trained Osteopaths take into account the bigger picture when it comes to your health and will ensure the best course of action to give you results. Our experienced practitioners will NOT JUST treat where you’re currently experiencing pain – they aim to find the primary source of your problem rather than just opting to treat your symptoms. The “Osteopathy philosophy” is to look at the body as a whole unit, hence our wholistic approach.

There’s no point only treating just the affected area as this will only provide you with temporary relief. It will have you coming in for more treatments over a long period with no long term management nor preventative results (not to mention spending too much money and wasting your time!). Early detection and treatment of the primary cause of your pain is essential to giving you better results, not only will it reduce the amount of stress on your body but it will ultimately speed up your recovery process.

• Intervertebral disc injuries
• Chronic lower back pain
• Sciatica
• Neck pain and headaches
• Tendinopathies
• Heel spurs
• Frozen shoulder
• Muscle strains
• Ligament/joint sprains
• Arthritic related pains
• Newborn assessments
• Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain
• Postural related pains
• Musculoskeletal sporting injuries
• Biomechanical related pain
• Women’s and Men’s musculoskeletal pelvic pain
• Assessment of newborns and infants for tongue and lip tie

Soft and Deep Tissue Release | Stretching | Articulation | Muscle Energy Techniques | Counterstrain | Joint Mobilisation | Trigger Point Therapy | Spinal Manipulation | Active Stretching | Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release

Relief in acute presentations | Treats myofascial trigger points within muscle fibres | Reducing inflammation pain | Relaxation | Improved quality of sleep | Rejuvenating | Activates lymphatic system | Promotes circulation | Analgesic effects


Stretching | Strengthening | Theraband band work | Core stability | Scapular stability | Balance and Proprioception | Breathing techniques | Swiss ball exercises | Pelvic floor exercises | Functional movement | Body conditioning

We aim to help and restore your body’s healthcare in the most practical manner. Our experienced Osteopaths will help you understand what your body is going through via patient education. This way you will have better knowledge about your body’s limitations and how to prevent and manage your problem in the future. Your treatment will incorporate a management plan tailored to you which involves an active course of action to help prevent re-occurrences and manage your pain to increase your quality of life.

Casey Central Osteopathy is located approximately 25 mins away from the CBD in Narre Warren within the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Take YOUR first step to wholistic health by booking a consultation with one of our experienced Osteopaths.

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