All of our ergonomic assessments are performed by professional qualified and practicing Osteopaths with knowledge of the current legislation and modern work practices.  We can offer your workplace a number of ergonomic solutions for you and your employees, whether it be individual or group assessments for a small or large company we have the ergonomic solution for you. 

Each assessment will involve one of our practicing Osteopaths examining the employee/s within their work space, a thorough history and discussion with the employee regarding any issues, an assessment of the workstation itself followed by a written report to your nominated HR/OHS representative.

Our Osteopaths believes in order to decrease your risks of any potential health hazards and back pain within the workplace it is of utmost importance that your desk ergonomics is properly assessed or atleast modified in a way. “People don’t always have time for this, but remember that there is no one universal template to suit everybody and that is why it is crucial that is set up tailored to suit an individuals body and it’s needs”.

 If you would like more information on this or have any queries about what ergonomic package might best suit your workplace, please call us on 03 9704 7244. 

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