dry needlingSuperficial Dry Needling
Superficial Dry Needling utilises fine sterilised acupuncture needles to effectively treat myofascial trigger points within muscle fibres11 . A myofascial trigger point is simply a bundle of muscular knots stimulated into a constant contracted state therefore producing your pain. You can often feel these knots within your muscles in the region of pain you are experiencing. You may feel a light prick sensation as the needle is inserted into the muscular knot, throughout the treatment you may also feel a tingling sensation in the region being treated. While more research is required to prove the benefits of superficial dry needling, some studies out there do suggest that the overall health benefits of this technique include pain relief in acute presentations, reducing inflammation and therefore pain, relaxation and improvement of sleep patterns.

The stainless steel needles we use are premium quality, ultra-thin and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


Like any other technique our Osteopaths may utilize during treatment – there are always potential adverse reactions and outcomes to a particular technique chosen for treatment. Your qualified Osteopath will ensure that a detailed history and examination has been taken to make sure that these treatment techniques are suitable for you and that all risks are minimised to outweigh the benefits.


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