Osteopathy treatment is most commonly sought for musculoskeletal conditions such as;

  • Intervertebral disc injuries1 
  • Chronic lower back pain2,3    
  • Sciatica3
  • Neck pain and headaches3, 
  • Tendinopathies3, 7
  • Frozen shoulder3  
  • Muscle strains3
  • Ligament/joint sprains3
  • Musculoskeletal pain related to Osteoarthritis35
  • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain5, 8 
  • Postural related pains3
  • Musculoskeletal sporting injuries3
  • Dancing related musculoskeletal injuries3
  • Biomechanical related pain6
  • Women’s and Men’s musculoskeletal pelvic pain3


The Osteopathic approach

“We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part but in the whole”
                                                                                                                                                   – A.T Still MD, DO

The Philosophy of Osteopathy is what sets it apart from other forms of manual medicine where the key principle is based on wholistic health functioning together in an integrated manner. Current evidence suggests that the best form of pain management associated with musculoskeletal conditions includes a combination of physical interventions, such as Osteopathy, lifestyle changes and proactive exercise regimes.

Here at Casey Central Osteopathy your treating Osteopath will assess and treat multiple regions of your body to ensure that the areas above and below where you’re experiencing pain are addressed as part of our wholistic approach. Your Osteopath will tailor the treatment to suit your needs with a multimodal approach consisting of a variety of structural hands on techniques such as;

• Deep and soft tissue release
• Articulation and mobilisation
• Trigger point therapy
• Manipulation of the spine
• Stretching
• Lymphatic drainage
• Myofascial release



Like any other technique our Osteopaths may utilize during treatment – there are always potential adverse reactions and outcomes to a particular technique chosen for treatment. Your qualified Osteopath will ensure that a detailed history and examination has been taken to make sure that these treatment techniques are suitable for you and that all risks are minimised to outweigh the benefits.


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