Myofascial Cupping
Cupping Therapy is an old Chinese technique where a cup is applied the skin. Negative pressure is then applied within the cup via a suction pump which then lightly draws the skin and superficial muscles to the surface. Gentle sliding of cups along the skin surface with mild suction can improve the efficiency of the treatment.  It is very useful in rejuvenating the body by stretching tight muscles and fascia, activating the lymphatic system and promoting circulation. Evidence based studies out there have proven that cupping has had good analgesic and anti inflammatory effects on individuals who suffer from Knee Osteoarthritis9 and lower back pain10.

While the outcome of Cupping may leave you with round red marks on your body, it is NOT as painful as it looks. This dis-colouration is due to blood being drawn to the surface, it will generally subside within a week. It is completely normal if you experience some mild post treatment soreness or fatigue after a treatment, however this is no different from how you would after a normal Osteopathic consult.


Like any other technique our Osteopaths may utilize during treatment – there are always potential adverse reactions and outcomes to a particular technique chosen for treatment. Your qualified Osteopath will ensure that a detailed history and examination has been taken to make sure that these treatment techniques are suitable for you and that all risks are minimised to outweigh the benefits.



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