Lower back pain is commonly associated with Intervertebral disc injuries. Excessive mechanical loading or acute trauma to the intervertebral disc (IVD) is thought to contribute greatly to the cause. Injuries to the IVD can occurs as a result of direct trauma to the lower back from things such as lifting incorrectly or gradual degenerative causes overtime the disc can herniate or bulge out otherwise more commonly referred to as a “slipped disc”.


These discs sit in between each vertebra in our spinal column, they act like shock absorbers to protect our spinal column from compression forces whilst also distributing hydraulic pressures in all directions when it is under load or stress. The anatomy of these discs consist of an out fibrous ring known as the annulus fibrosis and an inner gel like centre known as the nucleus pulposus. Think of it much like a jam donut! When the IVD becomes injured it may “slip out” and compress the nerve at that level causing impingement and referred pain down your lower extremities.

Current evidence suggests that the best form of pain management associated with musculoskeletal conditions such as IVD injuries includes a combination of Osteopathy treatment, lifestyle changes and proactive exercise regimes.

  – Dr Toni Tran (Osteopath)

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