Common types of headaches seen in clinical practice include;

1- Tension headaches
Tension headaches accounts for a majority of headaches individuals suffer from and they occur more predominately in females compared to males. They will start off from the base of your skull and can spread to either side of your head or be present on both sides. The pain is often described as a tight band across the forehead that is dull in nature. Other symptoms can include blurry vision, dizziness and muscle tenderness within the neck.

2 – Cervicogenic headaches
Cervicogenic headaches are related to dysfunctions within the upper part of the neck. They will start off a the base of your skull on one side and can radiate out to the side of your head or behind your eye. The pain is generally a nagging dull ache which is worse in the mornings. Other symptoms can include sore neck, heavy head feeling, decreased movement in the neck or pain upon neck movement.

3- Migraines 
Migrianes are a type of headache which is preceded by an aura or warning sign. Before the attack of a migriane the individual can suffer from  visual changes, nausea or vomiting, difficulty with speech, numbness or loss of sensation on one side of their face/head. During the attack the pain is usually on one side of the head which is throbbing in nature. At this point most people will often be sensitive to loud noises or bright lights – a dark quiet room is relieving for rest. After the attack the individual will suffer from exhaustion


Nearly all of us will suffer from a headache at some point in our lifetime. Headaches can be very debilitating for those who suffer from them on a regular basis. Painkillers are always a first point of call, unfortunately they only give you short term relief by masking your symptoms. Did you know that Osteopathy combined with lifestyle changes can be effective in managing and decreasing symptoms associated with headaches?3, 

– Dr Jack McElligott (Osteopath)

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