CCO’s winter weather tips

With less than a month of winter left to go, here’s how you can survive with CCO’s Winter weather tips


winter 1) Keep those joints warm – get out the gloves and scarves, then heat up that wheat bag, followed by a lovely cup of herbal tea…

2) Protect your core temperature – this is important especially if you have poor circulation. Try wearing warm insulated under garments.

3) Keep up fitness – OK, let’s face it not many of us are motivated to get out there and exercise with this terrible weather. But look for indoor options or if you’re simply just stuck inside at home on a rainy day perform a handful of stretches to maintain fitness and mobility

4) Spice up your meals – Cook with warm, anti-inflammatory spices , such as tumeric and eat simple whole foods to maintain vitamin and iron levels.

5) Relax – Deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises can help cold tight muscle relax. Or why not try a meditation or yoga class?

6) Warm comfortable footwear – having the correct footwear throughout winter will not only keep you feel warm but protect them. Choose something that has good arch support to help offload the weight bearing joints.