We’re back in business

It sure hasn’t been easy being a Melbournian the last eight weeks, but we got through stage 4 restrictions thanks to the effort of all Victorians. Now ahead of schedule with a 14-day case averaging out to 22.1 we’re getting much closer to a COVID normal lifestyle. With Metropolitan Melbourne moving to the second step towards the road map of reopening, Team CCO are pleased to announce that we are officially back in business this week.
These positive changes in Melbourne means that the strategy is working, however it is important to remember that we are still in a pandemic and it is far from over. So as usual our clinic will be keeping up with COVID safety measures. With one of them being temperature checks as you arrive, so please remember to remain in your vehicle and your Practitioner will come out once ready.
Bookings will be available Tuesday to Saturday throughout the week with our Osteopaths; Dr Toni Tran and Dr Jack McElligott. The 5km radius will not apply for those patients with an appointment on the day, and we strongly advise that you keep your SMS text reminder handy as proof of an appointment.
Stay safe and take care #beatthevirus