The Good Friday Appeal 2018

Meet our little 2018 ambassador for the Good Friday Appeal – Arielle. During her mother Genevieve’s final weeks of pregnancy in 2013, doctors noticed there were issues with Arielle’s heart. Arielle was born with dilated cardiomyopathy and immediately transferred to The Royal Children’s Hospital. After multiple tests it was revealed that the left side of Arielle’s heart wasn’t functioning, Genevieve and her husband Carl were told to prepare for the worst.  At that time, a heart transplant wasn’t an option nor had it ever been performed on a child that young. At eight days old, it became clear that Arielle wasn’t going to recover and specialists at The Royal Children’s Hospital made a bold decision to fit her with a Berlin Heart, a mechanical cardiac support system that supports children with severe heart failure. A child that young, at just over a week old, had never been fitted with such a device in Australia.Thanks to this life-saving decision made by the RCH specialists the Berlin Heart supported Arielle and at five-months-old she was fortunate enough to receive a heart transplant, making her one of the youngest ever recipients in Australia.


Each year the Good Friday Appeal brings the Australian community together to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. These generous donations from everybody goes towards medical equipment, research and education that will help change a child’s life, just as it did for Arielle…… Every dollar makes a difference! So remember to donate what you can. Don’t forget your donations towards this great cause guys. Tomorrow is the last day to purchase your raffle tickets from CCO to go into the draw to win prizes. Once again the team from CCO would like to thank our generous sponsors this year – Benadette at Floating Cloud Therapies and Junilla at Gnome Garden.


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