Pelvic health

Our pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles which are responsible for supporting your pelvic organs. Pelvic organs in females include the bladder, bowel and uterus whilst in men include the bladder and bowel.  These muscles are able to contract and relax like any other muscle in our body. They are a very important group of muscles because they provide support to the pelvic organs which lie on top of them – much like a “hammock”. This is particularly important in pregnant women to provide support for the baby and assist in the birthing process. They also work together with the abdominal and back muscles to help support and stabilise the spine.

Pelvic floor muscles can be the cause of your pain or discomfort if they become loose and weak or too tight. Research out there suggests there is good evidence that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles in combination with Osteopathy treatment and making lifestyle changes can reduce symptoms relating to poor pelvic floor health¹².

Our Osteopath – Dr Sonya Galenson has particular interest in the treatment of women’s and men’s musculoskeletal pelvic pain. She is an accredited member of Continence Foundation of Australia and she has travelled the globe to further her knowledge. She can help you with these issues by;

  • Educating and showing you exercises to perform inorder to either relax or strengthen the pelvic floor muscles back to good functional health
  • Improving muscular flexibility within the pelvic region
  • Increasing your joint range of motion
  • External and internal soft tissue manipulation
  • Advice on maintaining correct posture to take unnecessary pressure off your pelvic organs
  • Assessment and treatment your lumbosacral complex for structural changes which may be contributing to your problem