Introducing Shockwave Therapy


The team at CCO had a great Shockwave session with Murray this week! We are pleased to introduce this unique treatment technology in conjunction with our Osteopathic services.

Research out there suggests that Shockwave is a highly effective and non invasive treatment protocol for chronic conditions 15  such as tennis/golfers elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, jumpers knee, frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis. How and why you ask? Radial pressure waves are applied to the problematic region to create and induce regeneration inorder to stimulate healing responses and decrease pain signals within the body.

For a limited time we’re are offering a free trial of Shockwave therapy as part of your treatment consult with one of our Osteopaths. Call us now on 03 9704 7244 for more information on whether or not this type of treatment may be suitable for you.

Shockwave therapy for chronic lower back pain
Shockwave therapy for achilles tendinopathy