Gluteal complex and back pain

Did you know that the “Gluteus Maximus” is the the LARGEST and most powerful muscle in your body? surrounded by 2 other muscles; Gluteus Medius and Guteus Minimus they make a great team to help stabilise and prevent injury to your hips and lower back.  They are an important group of muscles which aid in pelvic and spinal support.

Unfortunately these muscles can become weak overtime or when used wrongly, which means they lose muscle tone and gradually become functionally weak with delayed activation. This is called inhibition which can negatively affect performance and lower body strength which is a primary cause for many injuries of the lower back.

Current evidence suggests that Osteopathy combined with regular exercise regimes and lifestyle changes is the best form of management for these types of injuries. Have YOU or do you know anybody who suffers from back pain? Give us a call or click HERE book an appointment to see how our Osteopaths can help.

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