Do you suffer from shoulder pain

Do you suffer from shoulder pain that just won’t go away? You may be suffering from a chronic shoulder problem. Did you know that shoulder conditions are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries presented to GP’s? ¹ As Osteopaths, we are trained to look at your body as one whole unit, hence our “wholistic approach” to get to the primary source of your pain. Research out there indicates that Osteopathy in addition to Medical care can accelerate recovery of shoulder complaints².


Common shoulder injuries we see on a day to day basis include;
– Shoulder impingement
– Rotator cuff tears
– Bursitis
– Tendinitis
– Frozen Shoulder
– Postural related injuries


Symptoms of shoulder pain may include;
– Popping or clicking associated with pain upon movement
– Sharpness upon movement, especially when lifting your arms above your head
– Throbbing or swelling at the tip of your shoulder
– Pain at night while sleeping
– Pain referring down your arm and forearm
– Neck pain




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