Casey Central Osteopathy

Osteopathy Treatments

  • Osteopathy techniques

    Soft and Deep Tissue Release | Stretching | Articulation | Muscle Energy Techniques | Counterstrain | Joint Mobilisation | Trigger Point Therapy | Spinal Manipulation | Active Stretching | Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release

  • Needling & Cupping

    Relief in acute presentations | Treats myofascial trigger points within muscle fibres | Reducing inflammation pain | Relaxation | Improved quality of sleep | Rejuvenating | Activates lymphatic system | Promotes circulation | Analgesic effects

  • Exercise and Rehabilitation

    Stretching | Strengthening | Theraband band work | Core stability | Scapular stability | Balance and Proprioception | Breathing techniques | Swiss ball exercises | Pelvic floor exercises | Functional movement | Body conditioning

News and updates

Phone lines down

We are currently experiencing some issues with our phone lines and are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please be patient as we are doing our best to rectify this ASAP. In the meantime if you need to contact us please email at or message us on faceback, otherwise to make […]

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Happy New Year 2018

From the team at CCO, we hope everybody had a great Christmas and New year!  We would like to wish everybody a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous new year! Our opening hours are back to normal this week, so give us a call on 03 9704 7244 to make a booking.  #newyear #timeflies #bringiton#twenty18 #staysafe #behappy #healthy #wishyouallthebest#caseycentralosteopathy

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Crack a joke

As Osteopaths, we like to *crack* a joke every now and then. We hope you find this humerus! 😂 (we can’t help it with puns). Q: What do you call it when 2 skeleton bones are arguing? A: Osteophytes!!! 😜 On a more serious note, osteophytes are bony spurs or projections which commonly occur in […]

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