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  • Osteopathy techniques

    Soft and Deep Tissue Release | Stretching | Articulation | Muscle Energy Techniques | Counterstrain | Joint Mobilisation | Trigger Point Therapy | Spinal Manipulation | Active Stretching | Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release

  • Needling & Cupping

    Relief in acute presentations | Treats myofascial trigger points within muscle fibres | Reducing inflammation pain | Relaxation | Improved quality of sleep | Rejuvenating | Activates lymphatic system | Promotes circulation | Analgesic effects

  • Exercise and Rehabilitation

    Stretching | Strengthening | Theraband band work | Core stability | Scapular stability | Balance and Proprioception | Breathing techniques | Swiss ball exercises | Pelvic floor exercises | Functional movement | Body conditioning

News and updates

Is sitting the new smoking?

Did you know that studies out there found that for every hour you sit down it cuts out 22 minutes of your life span? Could sitting be the new smoking? Most of us can spend up to 80% of our working days sitting down at a desk all day, followed by going home to the […]

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Good Friday Appeal 2019

🐥🐰🐣🐇  🐥🐰🐣🐇  🐥🐰🐣🐇  🐥🐰🐣🐇  🐥🐰🐣🐇  🐥🐰🐣🐇  We are 3 weeks into our Good Friday Appeal campaign. Thank you to everybody for the donations made so far. Keep them coming and help “Benji the bunny” beat our 2018 tally of $1015.85. We are almost half way there! How you can contribute 1- Purchase a $5 raffle ticket […]

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Welcome Dr Tatum Barton (Osteopath)

What a week it has been guys! Drum roll…… 🥁🥁🥁 We’d like to welcome our newest member of the CCO team – Dr Tatum Barton (Osteopath). She has an interest in treating neck complaints, headaches and acute sporting injuries, along with chronic complaints from desk workers. She aims to tailor her treatment approach to each […]

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