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  • Osteopathy techniques

    Soft and Deep Tissue Release | Stretching | Articulation | Muscle Energy Techniques | Counterstrain | Joint Mobilisation | Trigger Point Therapy | Spinal Manipulation | Active Stretching | Lymphatic Drainage | Myofascial Release

  • Needling & Cupping

    Relief in acute presentations | Treats myofascial trigger points within muscle fibres | Reducing inflammation pain | Relaxation | Improved quality of sleep | Rejuvenating | Activates lymphatic system | Promotes circulation | Analgesic effects

  • Exercise and Rehabilitation

    Stretching | Strengthening | Theraband band work | Core stability | Scapular stability | Balance and Proprioception | Breathing techniques | Swiss ball exercises | Pelvic floor exercises | Functional movement | Body conditioning

News and updates

Crack a joke

As Osteopaths, we like to *crack* a joke every now and then. We hope you find this humerus! 😂 (we can’t help it with puns). Q: What do you call it when 2 skeleton bones are arguing? A: Osteophytes!!! 😜 On a more serious note, osteophytes are bony spurs or projections which commonly occur in […]

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Gluteal complex and back pain

Did you know that the “Gluteus Maximus” is the the LARGEST and most powerful muscle in your body? surrounded by 2 other muscles; Gluteus Medius and Guteus Minimus they make a great team to help stabilise and prevent injury to your hips and lower back.  They are an important group of muscles which aid in […]

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Suffer from headaches? Increase YOUR quality of life

Common types of headaches seen in clinical practice Tension headaches Cervicogenic headache Migraines Nearly all of us will suffer from a headache at some point in our lifetime. Headaches can be very debilitating for those who suffer from them on a regular basis. Painkillers are always a first point of call, unfortunately they only give […]

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